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by Admincubig@gmail.com 8 Feb 2024

Why Artificial Data Improves Our Future Better (1)

Artificial data is a key factor in shaping our future. Yes. I meant data, not intelligence. You may not be familiar with the concept of artificial data itself. But the concept is actually quite obvious: just as you cannot learn anything without a book, AI cannot learn without data.

Artificial Data vs. Real Data

Nowadays, people are both curious and somewhat fearful of AI. You must be accustomed to the idea of AI surpassing humans with its incredible processing power. As a simple figure, you can easily find such sci-fi movies where AI rules the world instead of human beings. In fact, this is not a pipe dream at all. Thousands of researchers and IT firms are investing in and studying AI, advancing the field so rapidly that even a model developed in 2022 might now be considered outdated. So there’s a good chance that we may witness indistinguishable AI from the real intelligence of human in the near future. Then why not data?

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Not Real but Nice

Real data is always good. But sometimes it could be too good to afford because data can be expensive. The better it is, the more knowledge it can convey, with privacy concerns raised. For example, you can extract useful information out of AI models using the well-known privacy concept called differential privacy. Then how to avoid such risks? The answer is artificial data.


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