Image Personalization AI

Transforming an original image into a desired style has presented significant challenges for many years.

CUBIG leverages Image Personalization AI which preserves the original image’s integrity and structure, while seamlessly transforming the images into a desired style using keywords and reference images. Such innovative technology introduces new possibilities for intuitive and customized visual experiences.

01Changes appearance, keeping medical information (acne) intact

02Changes room style based on user choice

Copyright Protection AI

Crafting an intricate and sophisticated form of noise to deceive an AI model is extremely difficult as AI models are attuned to even the most minimal changes in an image.

CUBIG’s Copyright Protection AI technology ingeniously embeds finely crafted noise into images, imperceptible to the human eyes. Such noise makes it difficult for adversarial AI models to modify the images, effectively thwarting unauthorized modifications. Such innovative technology allows users to confidently share their images without concerns associated with copyright infringements.

01Converts images to protected format

02Adversarial AI yields low-quality outputs

Differential Privacy based Image Generation AI

Other de-identification technology induces a significant deterioration in quality of processed data due to removal of crucial information.

Our world-leading de-identification technique utilizes differential privacy, thereby producing synthetic data which lacks identifying attributes, yet preserves crucial statistical details from the original data for a high level of quality.

01Generates de-identified synthetic data

02Adversarial AI fails to extract personal info



As technology advances, hyper-scale AI systems are integrated into search engines. Users utilize such hyper-scale AI through the interactions with querying platforms like Google and Naver for tasks like document summarization and automated code implementation with data containing confidential and sensitive information.

SAFE LLM installed on client / enterprises PC removes any sensitive information beforehand. Utilizing differential privacy-based sensitive text removal technology, SAFE LLM mitigates the risk of sensitive data exposure.

01Removes sensitive information from query data